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If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for Substance Abuse and is interested in applying to Covenant Community, the steps below illustrate our admissions process. If you have more questions please call (404) 267-4305



In order to be admitted, the applicant must be:

  • An Adult Male
  • Struggling with Substance Abuse
  • Homeless
  • Medically Stable

Admission Steps

1. Medical Detoxification

Before we can interview an applicant, they must first be Medically Stable. This is for the saftey of applicant, as it is Extremely Dangerous to detox at home. Any attempts to detox from alcohol and/or drugs should be supervised by a doctor. Covenant Community does not have the resources to provide in-house detox, we rely on a number of local medical detox non-profits for refferals.


To be admitted into a non-profit medical detox facility, the applicant should call the 


Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL):


2. Sending Paperwork

While the applicant is in a medical detox facility he should fax over

  • A Mental Health Evaluation
  • A Tuberculosis Screen (TB Test)
  • An RPR (Syphillis Test)
  • A Physical Examination

The information should be faxed to our Clincial Director at: (678) 389-9839. He should be sure to include his case worker's name and contact information so our Clinical Director can coordinate an interview time.


Tip: the applicant should send this paperwork over as soon as possible when he is in Medical Detox. This will make it more likely that he will be admitted immediately after he completes Detox. If the applicant exits Detox and relapses, he will have to begin Detox again before he can apply.


3. Interview

If the applicant has been granted an interview he will need to come to our location at


623 Spring St. NW Atlanta, GA 30308

(Right across the street from The Varsity).


Covenant Community cannot provide transportaion for applicants, typically the Detox facility provides the transportation to Covenant for the interview.


The interview consists of two parts. First with the clinical staff, then with some of the currrent residents. If the applicant is approved by both parties, he will become a Resident of Covenant Community.



  • My loved one is incarcerated, is his admission proccess different?
    • No. If the Mental Health Eval, TB test, RPR and Physical are not already done at intake, he can request to have the tests done while he is incarcerated. A lawyer, pobation officer, or case manager can fax over the paperwork. The case worker will coordinate with law enforcement and our Clinical Director to arrange transportation to Covenant for an interview.
  • Do you keep a wait list?
  • How soon can I get an interview?
    • Unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees regarding how quickly one can be interviewed after paperwork has been sent in. The best advice is to send in the paperwork early, as this will give one the best chance for being admitted without any gap between detox and move-in. 
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