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Our Thanks

Covenant Community Inc. greatly appreciates the financial support generously given by organizations and individual donors.

Covenant Community, Inc. would like to thank the following individuals for their generous support since October 2013 (in alphabetical order):

Ms. Dina Aboul-Saad, Mr. and Mrs. David S. Aldridge, Mr. Carl H. Anderson, Jr and Mr. Jerry Byrd, Mr. Stephen Anthony, Mrs. Virginia F. Apperson and Mr. Pete Williams, Mr. Thomas Bahin, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Baker, Ms. Dennel Baptiste, Ms. Dyanne Baptiste, Mr. and Mrs. David R. Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Armando Basarrate, Mr. John D. Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Bazzle, Dr. and Mrs. David Bedell, Mr. Ken Bess and Mrs. Sue Bess, Mr. Terry C. Bird and Mr. Clark Lemons, Ms. Kristin A. Birkness, Ms. Barbara Blender, Ms. Susan Blizzard, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Boas, Mr. and Mrs. Mose Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Book, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boozer, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Boswell, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Bradford, Ms. Emeline L. Brawley, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Brickley, Dr. and Mrs. W Scott Brooks, Jr., Mr. Joseph W. Bryan and Mr. Brad Russell, Dr. Mary Ann Camann, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carithers, Mr. Mark Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Belfield H. Carter, Jr, Mr. and Mrs. Trav Carter, Ms. Sandra Chute, Ms. Mary Beth Clapper, Ms. Margaret E. Clarkson, Mr. James R. Clay and Mr. Gary Russell, Ms. Sherry Collins, Mr. Tom Cox and Ms. Penny Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Croft, III, Mr. and Mrs. Stockton Croft, Mr. Charles C. Crutchfield and Ms. Marti A. Breen, Mr. and Mrs. Dabney M. Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Daugherty, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davidson, Ms. Carrie Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Tread Davis, Jr., Mr. Don Deal, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Piet DePree, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. David Eckardt, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Farnham, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Fillio, Mr. Charles Flinner, Mr. David W. Foerster, Jr, Mr. and Mrs. Don Ford, Miss Sarah Ford, Ms. Louise Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friedrichs, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frolick, Mr. and Mrs. Skip Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Funk, Mr. J. Rex Fuqua and Relan Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Al Gallagher, Ms. Marietta Gandy, Mr. and Mrs. George C. Gaskin, Mr. Cecil M. Gayle, Mr. Doug Gies and Ms. Rebecca Bays, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Giornelli, Mrs. Nancy P. Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gragnani, Mr. and Mrs. Judson Graves, Mr. and Mrs. George T. Gray, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Phil Green, Ms. Elizabeth Greene, Ms. Felicia Guest, Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hagearty, Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hall, Mr. Kenneth Haney and Mrs. Idella Rogers-Haney, Ms. Susan r. Hardwick, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Harris, III, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. William Hazleton, Mr. Brandon Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Henson, Mr. Hanibel Heredia and Ms. Angela Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Higdon, Mr. and Dr. Harvey Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hines, Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Howell, Mr. and Mrs. W. Barrett Howell, II, Ms. Kathleen Hunter-Gregory, Mr. Barry Hutner, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hydrick, Ms. Krista Igou, Ms. Ijeoma Ihiasota, Ms. Mary Ellen Imlay, Ms. Pamela Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. John Izard, Mr. Richard James and Ms. Rebecca Kelly, Ms. Irma Kelly Kautt, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kennedy, Ms. Janet A. Kibler

Mr. and Mrs. Kip N. Kirkpatrick, II, Ms. Theresa Kitay, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klump, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Konas, Mr. and Mrs. David E. Langford, Judge and Mrs. John S. Langford, Jr., Mr. Gregory S. Lauer, Ms. Vivian Lawand, Dr. Arthur E. Lesesne and Mrs. Mary Wyche, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Lindsey, Jr., Mr. David Little, Ms. Laura L. Lones, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lord, Mrs. Marjorie Lovewell, Mr. and Mrs. Willis E. Lowe, III, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mallard, Ms. Susan McClure, Mr. and Ms. Malcomb, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson C. McConnaughey, Ms. Kathryn E. McCune, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McGehee, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson McHenry, Mr. and Mrs. John Mellott, Mrs. Sally Menning, Ms. Alexandra Mettler, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Miller, Mr.s and Mrs. John H. Mobley, II, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mojonnier, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Morse, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Michael A Nadal, Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Nagy, Mr. Rock Nelson, Dr. Ann Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Newton, III, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Newton, Mr. and Mrs. John Nieman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ogburn, Mr. Henry V. Oliver, Jr., Ms. Mary Margaret Oliver, Dr. Janis M. Overrocker, Ms. Lynn O. Pardue, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Patton, III, Ms. Barbara Pearson and Mr. Ron Behagen, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar N. Persons, Ms. Cynthia Pilgrim, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Podobnikar, Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Pope, Ms. Ellen Porter and Ms. Ann Stuart Pearce, Mr. Leslie V. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Porter, Rev and Mrs. Harry Pritchett, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Rassel, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Riddell, Mr. Melvin Ries, Ms. Hilary C. Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. Al Robertson, Mr. Michael Rodgers,

Mr. Dana Rouillard, Mr. Steven Russ and Ms. Katherine Brokaw, Mr. and Mrs. Cole Sawyer, III., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sawyer, Jr., Ms. Susan Schantz, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scovil, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Siegel, Mr. and Mrs. Todd Silliman, Mr. and Mrs. Nat G. Slaughter, III, Ms. Colleen Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Ms. Malinda Snow, Mr. and Mrs. J. Maurice Spang, Jr., Ms. Anne Marie Sparrow, Dr. and Mrs. David Stacy, Ms. Siovhon Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stewart, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James G. Stringer, Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Roger L. Stroud, Ms. Elvira Tate, Mrs. Ann Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Taylor, Rev and Mrs. Paul R. Thim, Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Thompson, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Tillman, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Nelson O. Tyrone, III, Mr. Joseph C. Usher, Dr. and Mrs. James K. Van Buren, Ms. Nancy E. Wade and Ms. Priscilla Tomlinson, Ms. Elizabeth Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wasson, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Tom Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Jere Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Westbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Willet, Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne Williams, Jr., Mr. Buck Winfield, Ms. Margaret Witten, Mr. and Ms. Bennett Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G Woodward, Judge Cynthia Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur York, Mr. and Mrs. Martin York.



Covenant Community, Inc. Supporters

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Bright Wings Foundation, Brooks Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust, Cleary Insurance, Dunwoody Rotary Charitable Fund, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Relan Foundation, Halpern Enterprises, Inc., John and Wilhemina D. Harland Charitable Foundation, Inc., MLK DAY 5K, Post Hope Foundation, Inc., Post Hope Foundation, Inc., Schwab Charitable Fund, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, SunTrust United Way Campaign, TechFoundation, Inc., The Rich Foundation, Tull Charitable Foundation, United Way of Tampa Bay, Wiggle Bug Foundation.


Funding provided in part by City of Atlanta/HUD Community Development Block Grant

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